Halloween Dinner Party

Last night, Matt and I hosted our very first themed dinner party: Halloween! We ate so much food it was crazy, but everything was so delicious, it was hard to stop! Check out the below post to see what the menu was and where I purchased some of the decorations.
Where I purchased decorations:
  • Tableware and plastic table cloths from Target. If you order online, you get free shipping and they had decorations like 20% off!
  • Blood backdrop: Target
  • Candlesticks: HomeGoods
  • Bowls, cauldrons, a potion drink holder: King Soopers, they had a sale on their Halloween decor.

The menu was also delicious. I kept changing my mind for what I wanted, and prepared different menus throughout the week, but I think it turned out pretty good:
  • Bruschetta 
    • Chopped tomatoes, avocado, basil on toasted french bread with a balsamic glaze drizzle on top.
  • Brie and pepper jelly roll 
    • Brie cheese round with homemade raspberry pepper jelly on top, wrapped in dough and baked at 375 for 20 minutes.
  • Chips and homemade salsas
  • Olives, almonds, and antipasto plate from Whole Foods
  • Orange Fennel Salad
    • Orange, avocado, thinly sliced fennel, and shallots with a champagne vinaigrette (champagne vinegar, olive oil, and honey)
  • Traditional lasagna
  • Pumpkin lasagna 
  • Cupcakes and Frankenstein cake from Whole Foods

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