How to Shop Smart at Whole Foods

In the past, I've had a really hard time shopping at Whole Foods. I end up moseying around for at least an hour, eventually getting my bill up to $50 for just a small bag of groceries. But I've learned that there are in fact ways to shop at Whole Foods and other similar stores for not a lot of money.
And here's how:
  • Write out your menu for the week (or couple of days if you like food shopping as much as I do). But make sure to pick recipes that include the same ingredients. You certainly don't need to be eating the same meal every night, but if you buy a head of red cabbage, make a salad the night before, and then use the same cabbage for a taco another night of the week). 
  • See what's in your pantry and fridge before going food shopping. Chances are, there's something there you can use and integrate into your recipe.
  • Buy only enough for what you need. Skip purchasing items in a package, like lunch meats, pasta, frozen shrimp, and steak. Chances are, you'll never use them, or overeat because you've made too much. If you like leftovers and plan to make meals in bulk, then forget what I just said.
  • Keying off of the above bullet, your go-to section is the bulk section. You can buy as much or as little as you need. I bought freshly ground cashew butter, and it only cost me 79 cents for the amount I needed (and it was enough to last me a week for sure). It's pretty fantastic actually. 
  • Avoid the healthy packaged snacks. Sure, they look good and healthy, but at $7 a package, they definitely add up. 
  • If you're into juicing, look for juices currently on sale. I've seen Suja on sale a few times. If they are not on sale, go to the produce section and you'll find juices made right at Whole Foods and doesn't cost nearly as much. 
This post was really inspired by a diet cookbook I purchased and was very upset when I saw the 7-day detox plan. After a rough weekend of carbs (and I don't eat gluten), I was really looking for a plan to get on and stick to, and an easy one at that. This cookbook had 3 meals a day and each meal was a completely new recipe with all new ingredients. I am still looking for a healthy meal planning cookbook that's easy and reader friendly. Maybe that's something I should make? Hm.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for some sample shopping trips to Whole Foods to see what I buy and what I make.

Until then, adios.

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